IndoGerman Advisory Board

IT Advisory Board:Shritek Technologies, Dr.Haffa & Partner,Public Relations GmbH, Munich, Legal Advisory Board: Osborne Clarke


Guest book is a service where members only can give their comments or feedback,on the services of IGBN and benefits they gained through our services.


Our Experts hold Seminars according to specific requirements of participating company/Expert. Companies can request to hold Seminar for specific company at their premises.

Company Presentation

To capture any market (foreign & local) we should go step by step and according to host country business and work culture. Our Indo-German Business Network pushes business according to local needs.

This is a platform where Indian and German companies are given the opportunity to introduce themselves before the potential audience that can signal further joint business venture.
Our experts have years of experience in sales, marketing and business development manager for different German and Indian companies. Founded by Indian business experts based in germany founded "Indo-German Business Table".!

Mohammad Rehan, Indo-German Business Network

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